Nathan Paul swimwear celebrates the launch of their Spring/Summer 13/14 collection with a short fashion film entitled 'Getaway'. After receiving exceptional reviews at the New York Fashion Film Festival in January, Nathan Paul will be showcasing the film at the Berlin Fashion Festival, La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, ASVOFF and LMFF later this year. 
'Getaway' is a video that reflects the calm before the storm, the sun after a cloudy day, a beach holiday with a twist.

The Spring/ Summer 13/ 14 collection marks the first range that Nathan Paul has created since relocating to Sydney. For Nathan Paul Lodge the man behind the collection - Getaway is about change,starting fresh in a new city and an infusion of colour to reflect the sunnier scenery he now resides in. This season we welcome Sarah Jordan and Bart Rollins as the faces of our Getaway campaign. 

Nathan Paul Swimwear is continuing to evolve as Australia’s leading avant-garde swimwear label. Designed and produced locally, in Australia Nathan Paul Swimwear continues to source the highest philosophy of sourcing materials that encapsulates European sophistication mixed with a true sense of Australiana beach culture. Nathan himself proudly sources only the highest quality materials from the province of Carvico, Bergamo Italy for his high-fashion swimwear.